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Guide to Unlocking your
Toddler's Communication
January 17-19th

1 - why you are the perfect person to take charge of your toddler's communication  2 - what communication really is  3 - the missing piece and why you are spinning your wheels  4 - what you can do next to unlock your toddler's communication  5- our most requested strategy, rewarding all communication!


There is a reason you have all
of the services in place and you
are still not seeing progress.

There is a reason you are
spinning your wheels.
There is a reason that all
you have learned up until
now isn't working with your
toddler with characteristics of autism.

We can help.

We provide individualized coaching that is tailored specifically to your child and your family’s life and daily routines.  It’s simple.  Our families capture interactions with their child via video. We review it and coach you on exactly what you need to do next all while teaching you our best strategies and approaches. 


We are Cherie and Alicia, two pediatric Speech-Language Pathologists who have a passion for opening the doors of communication for children ages 0-3 with characteristics of autism and those diagnosed with autism. 

In our careers, it was so clear to us that the families who sought our expertise and worked diligently at home in between our therapy sessions, created progress for their children that was exponentially greater than speech therapy alone.  We affectionately call these moms and dads, the 1%  of families who will do whatever work it takes to help their child communicate.

So we created our coaching program for the 1% of moms and dads. We knew that if they had the tools and guidance from us as Speech-Language Pathologists, the progress they could make would be amazing.

Since developing the Step by Step Academy, the results our families are creating are more than we ever thought possible.  We are blown away every day as we watch our moms and families embrace our approach and begin to unlock their child’s communication.

As highly experienced and dedicated Speech-Language Pathologists who have worked for many years providing services in a school district setting, we now see how our moms and families can create  results in weeks that we could not create ourselves in many months, if not years. 

More than 60 families into our coaching program, we are amazed nearly every day how skilled our families become with our approach and the results they create.

When you shift your focus it changes everything.
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Why your toddler is not talking

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"Cherie and Alicia's coaching is the thing that can change everything. It did for us".

I am here to tell you this is THE thing that can make a difference.  It was the naturalistic approach I was seeking and it can unlock everything for your child.  It’s amazing as parents to be the ones who can change the trajectory of your child’s communication.  In 10 weeks our girls look completely different. 

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